Cortney is a Chef and Co-Owner of Gather Food Studio! She’s passionate about our food system and knowing about where our food comes from! Her love of food started early in life. Born into a food obsessed family, her uncle was a chef and owned a restaurant and food and family were intertwined. Working her way through college while working at restaurants led to working in 15 restaurants by the time she was 30. Exhausted and frustrated, providence intervened in the guise of CHEFS Catalog. Combining a love of food and product, her position allowed her to select merchandise, develop recipes and work with food styling for 8 years at a corporate level, until one day it came to a crashing halt as their beloved CHEFS closed. Taking a step into entrepreneurship, she have found her calling in teaching. Specialties include: Healthy cooking, gluten-free, diabetes, Latin cooking and spices.

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