E. De La aka Ebony De La Cruz, a Colorado Springs native, holds a passion for touching the lives of people through her music. Although very shy growing up, it was at 15 years of age that she began growing in her own artistry, as a soloist singer-songwriter. Since then, she has enjoyed singing publicly and she has won trips, prizes & opportunities using her musically talented gifts. De La says she is more so touched, by her musical experiences and feels her greatest satisfaction, in connecting with people, on an emotional level. “I like to make it personal for others, which is why I like to write/sing the types of music that I do. Music can heal the heart & move ones soul; I enjoy & appreciate my ability to deliver that experience,” she says. E. De La shares a liking appreciation for many genres, though her individual style would cross between, 90’s R&B and Neo-Soul with a slight contemporary vibe.

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