Grace Easley began her musical life as a child with a burning desire to play the violin. At the age of six she began piano and violin lessons. She studied violin continually from that point on and eventually adopted a love of playing the viola as well, performing on both instruments in ensembles across the Midwest, in Minneapolis, Kansas City and St. Louis. Viola Performance was Grace’s focus in college and she continued to perform on violin and viola both solo and in symphony and chamber orchestras at Missouri State University, which eventually led her to teaching orchestra and her instruments in both studio and classroom settings in Colorado Springs. The desire to compose, perform and travel moved Grace to fully focus on her eclectic bohemian jazz inspired duo Roma Ransom, which has enjoyed numerous extended national tours and has received accolades from the broader Colorado and regional community. In her role as violinist and co-creator of Roma Ransom (with multi-instrumentalist Gordon Lewis) Grace has had the opportunity to perform on professional stages alongside musical legends, even serenading Itzak Pearlman at his own after-party! Grace has also had the honor to co-create music for independent films, and has had her work featured in digital productions for brands such as Patagonia, Yeti, Vice, Xtratuf, Huckberry, and Bud Light. Grace currently resides in Colorado Springs and continues to pursue performance, composition, teaching and session playing.
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