Paes164 is a full time artist, muralist, tattooist, and family man. His father was military so he had the opportunity to live in different cities and counties while growing up. He can remember at a young age going with his dad to the tattoo shop in Hawaii to see him get tattooed and new it would be something he’d do. In his teenage years he ended up moving out at 15 and getting heavily into graffiti, only years later finally getting to peruse tattooing. Now after painting for nearly 30 years and tattooing for 23 and after all his travels and mural/tattoo opportunities, he wants to be able to share these things with our beautiful city. By doing many projects around the 719 and starting with the Knobhill Urban Arts District and holding events like #culturefest, the 420 art jamboree,  the box state expo tattoo convention, and others.

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