Harriett Landrum (a.k.a My Name is Harriett)

Harriett Landrum, “My Name is Harriett,” is a songstress who composes and plays all original music. She is known for her compositions that fuse violin with electronic looping to create gorgeous soundscapes with passionate vocals. “It’s simple music made for complicated people,” she says. Harriett also plays a variety of modern and classical works on … Read more

AuroTejas Hemsell

AuroTejas Hemsell was born in India and has been studying Indian Classical Dance from the age of five both in India and America. Her mother is Gujurati and her father is American. Tejas has devoted her entire life to studying, teaching and performing Indian Classical Dance. Tejas founded the Shakti Dance School and the Shakti … Read more

Yves Sturdevant

Yves is a Colorado Springs native, lover of yummy foods, avid dog petter, and shenanigan maker. She dances with her troupe the Luddites who were born, by coincidence, on the eve of the Waldo Canyon fire. She loves to organize shows such as The Odd Show and Zoetrope and otherwise engage in the wonderment our … Read more

Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson is a dynamic writer and performer with more than 20 years entertaining fans, friends, and family alike. Hailing from a musical family that includes Country music legend BJ “The DJ” Johnson, he presents his honest and thought provoking work anywhere and everywhere it’s appreciated from theaters and festivals to dive bars and coffee shops. … Read more

Kailani Dobson

Kailani Dobson is a local installation artist with a background in movement-based works and a love for film and textiles. She is passionate about making dance more accessible by taking performances off the stage and exclusively performing in galleries and public spaces. Kailani believes that art is a community-driven endeavor that benefits from the conglomeration … Read more

Latisha Hardy

Latisha Hardy Dance & Co Ltd. was established in 2010. Latisha started creating this brand after learning salsa roughly 12 years ago. Latin Dancing helped her grow past a very difficult time in life. Currently, she works to give that back to others and her community through the art of dance and empower individuals to … Read more

Ryan Flores

Ryan Flores is a California native with Czech and Mexican roots (Czexican or Czex-Mex as he calls it) who moved to Colorado in 2010. Flores is a songwriter playing mostly original songs in a genre he bills as Latin Gypsy music—a mixture of Tango, Flamenco, Mariachi, Caribbean, and Balkan styles. He is a multi-instrumentalist as … Read more

Andrew Ingram

Andrew Ingram is a writer and comedian from Colorado Springs. His writing focuses on human stories in fantastical circumstances and he posts a new short story to his blog Mindfulofmadness.com every month. When there isn’t a pandemic making live performance tricky you can find him slinging jokes at bars, clubs, and independent venues across Colorado. … Read more

Birgitta De Pree

Birgitta De Pree has been acting, directing and teaching theater throughout Colorado for the past twenty years. Starting the Millibo Art Theatre with partner Jim Jackson in 2001 is one of her proudest achievements. She loves generating laughs, hanging out with her family, tending her garden and embodying outrageous characters in silly situations. Until the … Read more

Chris Beasley

Christopher “Beas J” Beasley (he/they) is an nationally recognized poet and organizer in the community. He has been performing for 10 years and was instrumental in building Hear Here poetry and Word Wednesday. He started Colorado Black Voices Matter, 3 years ago and received the Pikes Peak Arts Council Award for Literary Art Leader and … Read more

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