Art Box for Arts Month

Create Art from Home

In partnership with Cottonwood Center for the Arts, Arts Month 2020 is excited to introduce the Art Box! Art Boxes are thoughtfully curated portable projects, complete with everything you need to create a unique work of art from start to finish. Simple materials and basic instructions will guide you through the process, but we’ve also included video links from Cottonwood artists with additional techniques and tips to help take your pieces to the next level. For novices and pros alike, Art Box offers an experience that everyone, everywhere can enjoy! Note: registering for an Art Box signs you up to receive periodic email communications from the Cultural Office & weekly event highlights from, the region’s online community calendar.

The first eighty (80) individuals that register below will receive a free Art Box, courtesy of Arts Month 2020. Art Boxes will be shipped directly to the address you provide beginning in mid-September, or may be picked-up directly from the front desk at Cottonwood Center for the Arts in downtown Colorado Springs. After these 80 Art Boxes for Arts Month are gone, individual art project kits may be purchased directly from Cottonwood Center for the Arts by emailing

Each Art Box contains three separate projects!

One Art Box per family, please.

Project #1: Curio Press

Turn your scraps, souvenirs and other small objects into a framed piece of art! Each Curio Press kit includes all framing and pressing materials needed to create a ready-to-hang finished project.

Items included:

  • Cardboard frame cutouts with wire hanger, vinyl sheets, glue dots

Not included:

  • Found, collected, or handmade materials to press

Project #2: Mad Monster Party

Use your imagination to bring a fantastical monster to life! Each Mad Monster kit includes fun items such as googly eyes, brightly colored feathers, pom-poms, pipe cleaners and more to inspire your wild creature. But, you don’t have to stop there! Feel free to add other miscellaneous materials you have on hand to make your monster as bad and mad as you want.

Items included:

  • Feathers, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, craft sticks, paper clips, self-adhesive googly eyes, Mod-Podge (glue)

Not included:

  • Any extra flair you want to attach!

Project #3: Paint Pack

Paint anything you see, feel, or imagine using supplies included in the Paint Pack. Each kit includes everything you need to create a masterpiece: stretched canvas, acrylic paint, painter’s palette, 2 brushes, mini easel, color wheel. No painting experience necessary, so no pressure. If you need inspiration, try painting your pets, a still life in your home or our beautiful Colorado landscape. If you want to see your painting on a gallery wall, Cottonwood Center for the Arts will be displaying the mini paintings for an entire month!

Items included:

  • 4”x4” stretched canvas, acrylic paint, painter’s palette, brushes, mini-easel, color wheel


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