Art Exhibition at the Garfield Gallery

"Sky Knot"

In celebration of Arts Month 2022, the Garfield Galery will present Sky Knot, a performance and art installation by Connor Bourgal, Jasmine Dillavou and Matte Refic on Friday, October 14. Installation open 5-8PM. Performance at 6PM. The Garfield Gallery is located 332 E. Willamette Avenue in downtown Colorado Springs.

Water is a unique substance that transcends elements, movement, time. There is an immense power in something so ever-present, so beyond, so entirely magical. It is both holy and political, can kill a civilization, can strip a community, can deem holiness, can define borders, can nourish, can spill.

Sky Knot is a multimedia experience exploring three different artist’s navigations around water. This piece speaks on the DNA of water and its capability to fill the contents of a body as well as universal connection of fluidity, movement, transformative states from one place to another-ephemeral moments of baptism.

Guests are encouraged to spend time meditating on their experiences through, with, without, alongside and inside water. This work is made in celebration of Arts Month 2022 alongside the Garfield Gallery in hopes of inspiring the community to gather and dream collectively.

Featured artists and performers:

Conor Bourgal

Conor Bourgal is a composer, music producer, and digital artist. He performs and records under the name, The Changing Colors. In music production, Conor often acts as project manager for the completion of recorded albums, including visual details such as album covers and promotional artwork. In 2020, he was commissioned to create an original work for the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Conor is currently in matriculation for his Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts, at UCCS, in Colorado Springs.

Jasmine Dillavou

Jasmine Dillavou is a Boricua mixed media artist, Creative Director for Ephemera Dinners, instructor for the Bemis School of Art and many-hat-wearing community member in Colorado Springs. Dillavou received her BA in Visual and Performing Arts from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and has since shown in numerous exhibitions across the Front Range. Her work often explores themes of visibility within Caribbean diaspora identities. From intimate performance pieces to immersive installations, Dillavou investigates liberation, decolonization and femininity through a personal lens.

Matte Refic

Matte Refic is a multimedia artist currently based in Pueblo, Colorado. Matte’s artistic practice includes murals, paintings, illustrations, videos, performance art. A major thread running through his work and life is community engagement and participation. Refic works with the Creative Arts Platform teaching inmate participants a variety of artistic methods with a therapeutic approach, as well as working with juvenile offenders on art projects for the public courts. His background as a graffiti artist is prominent in his paintings and drawings, thematically layered with introspection and experience from his work as a teacher and artist frequently working in public spaces.


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