Celebrating Knob Hill Urban Arts District

"Muralistic Altruism" at Virtu Collective

In celebration of Arts Month 2022, Virtu Collective will feature the volunteer contributions of the mural artists of the Knob Hill Urban Arts District (KHUAD), for a one-night-only exhibit on Friday, October 7 from 6-10PM. The show will feature canvas works by some of the artists who have volunteered their talent and paint towards beautifying the KUHAD. The exhibit will have works by Mel CK, Drake “Drastik” Gann, Tara Gonzalez, Muji Rieger, and Molly McClure.

The altruism of these mural artists hides behind the colorful walls of the KHUAD. The only payment these artists received was the permission to paint whatever they wanted. The results of their service have proven that artists, empowered with creative freedom, can transform a community. Join us as the Knob Hill Urban Arts District thanks these talented servants of the community, and give back by supporting local artists.

Mel Ck: Born in Panama City, Panama, Mel CK Draws on her Central / South American roots to paint amazing colorful depictions of surrealist street art. She has donated three murals in the KHUAD, and her distinctive style makes them hard to miss.
Drake “Drastik” Gann: One of Colorado Springs’ top Tattoo and Street Artists, Drastik has prolifically, and humbly, created some of the city’s most beloved murals. Drake’s drive is that he loves making art, and when given the freedom and wall space to do so, he creates masterpieces.  He has donated three massive murals to the community in KHUAD, and was crucial in starting the Altruistic Muralism of the KHUAD.
Tara Gonzalez: Native to Colorado Springs, Tara Gonzalez has been all over the country in the pursuit of spreading happiness through visual art. Upon returning to COS, her ambitions turned towards street art, and she chose KHUAD as the place to begin her first mural, and begin building the next chapter in her successful art career.
Muji Rieger: Co-founder of the Knob Hill Urban Arts District, and Executive Director of the non-profit that sprang from the Muralistic Altruism movement in 2018. Muji has contributed five murals to the KHUAD, and continues to help keep the movement alive.
Molly McClure: Founding member of the KHUAD board of directors, Molly has contributed, her time to the KHUAD’s non-profit goals as wells as three murals. Mollys drive to help KHUAD was to increase the diversity of the subjects of art, and through her murals she has done that.

Virtu Collective is a collaborative space created by Antoine “Big Samir” Zamundu, Aja Black, Riley Bratzler, and Bret Andrus. As artists, their goals are to explore, grow, educate and connect with the community through immersive experiences. Street Art in the Knob Hill Urban Arts District is one of those community connecting experiences we strive for.


Virtu Collective is located at 17C E. Bijou Street in downtown Colorado Springs. For questions, email thevirtucollective@gmail.com.


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