Colorado Playwright Premiers

In celebration of Arts Month 2020, Craft Production Resource (CPR) will premier three original plays on the CPR Facebook page. The mission of CPR is to give voice and exposure through live – unedited performances, to new, original works written by Colorado playwrights and directed and performed by Colorado Springs talent.  

This series of CPR productions is filmed as if you are sitting in the audience in an intimate theatre, watching the actors perform the playwright’s story. The play is shot with one camera encompassing the stage so that you will experience the play as it unfolds with no editing (flubs included), no closeups, and no intricate sets. There is no ticket fee for the performances, but donations are welcome.

The following plays that will be premiering for Arts Month are 3 of the 9 winning plays selected from 40 submissions to the 2020 Craft Production Resource 8th Annual Festival of Plays. The CPR 2020/2021 season will be a calendar year season with scheduled performances in January, April, July and October, that will premiere the remaining 6 new, original winning plays. CPR will give you live – unedited theatre either on-line, or – with luck – inside the theatre space later in the year. The Producer/Artistic Director of Craft Resource Productions is Kathy Paradise.

Earline's Easter Chicks

Monday, October 12, 7:00PM

Written and performed by Colorado Springs own delightfully talented actor/poet - Ashley Crockett

Synopsis: A newly retired public-school teacher eagerly anticipates a celebratory road trip with her husband – but when she just couldn’t resist the impulse to buy some baby chicks…. Uh Oh!

Ashley Crockett


Tuesday, October 13, 7:00PM

Written by Katherine DuBois Reed of Boulder, CO

Synopsis: All the bank employees wear masks – so do all the customers – but there is one…. Is he really a customer?

Director: Robert Tiffany
Performers: “Beth” – Jane Fromme; “Bob” – Richard Sebastian-Coleman
Richard Sebastian-Coleman, Jane Fromme,
Robert Tiffany

Is that Yours?

Wednesday, October 14, 7:00PM

Written and directed by Colorado Springs award-winning Richard Sebastian-Coleman

Synopsis: What does go on in the CIA office breakroom???

Performers: “Alex” – Cara D. Pearce; “Jordan” – Steve Sladaritz;
                    “Carter” – Jacob Hacker; “Body” – Richard Sebastian-Coleman
Jacob Hacker, Steve Saldaritz, Cara Pearce,
Richard Sebastian-Coleman


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