October Performance Series

CANCELLED--G44 Gallery & Kreuser Gallery

In celebration of Arts Month 2022, G44 Gallery and Kreuser Gallery are teaming up to host a Performance Series event on Saturday, October 15 from 5-7PM. The fall Series will feature performances by five talented, local artists (see bios below): Kailani Dobson, Kristen Merrick, Jacqueline Viola Moulton, Tiffany Ogburn, and Holly Seidcheck. This will be a two-hour event with a 10 minute break between each performance. Beverages are graciously sponsored by The Parlor. Tickets are $50 per person, with a 50 person capacity. All ticket proceeds will go directly to support the artists. For questions, email kreusergallery@gmail.com.

Kailani Dobson


Description: A collaborative investigation into commitments. This piece explores the collective need for vulnerability and the way our promises can help dictate our fate. The goal of this piece is to create a confessional for the viewer where they can have a moment of reflection and introspection while also interacting with their community.
Bio: Kailani Dobson is a local mixed-media installation artist with a background in movement-based works. Their pieces often combine projected visuals, textile sculptures, and a performance element. Kailani is passionate about making art more accessible and believes that it is a community-driven endeavor that benefits from the conglomeration of multiple artforms. As the artistic director of Merikai Studio, Kailani, alongside their partner Robert Stokes, aims to create socially and environmentally conscious abstract films/installations that bridge the gaps between different artistic media.

Kristen Merrick

Bleed: Cycle Day 1

Description: A performance piece that explore Liquid Motion and erotic empowerment through performative painting. I perform the song See You Bleed by Ramsey. I paint the entire white floor canvas, which I provide, using the entirety of my body. Liquid Motion is a certified school of dance movements created by Jenni Janover which I use to move my body across the floor. I use a home-made stage blood as my medium to make my marks across the white expanse to explore the empowering, entrancing, and beautiful sides of women’s monthly menstruation. The performance itself leave a staining mark on the canvas a permanent reminder of life’s never-ending cycles. Every time this performance is done the end painting is completely unique just as the performance is. This is an act created to start conversations around the stigmatization of a beautifully fascinating and natural occurrence all women experience in hopes we as women can begin to change this and gain further bodily autonomy.
Bio: Kirsten Merrick is a visual and performing artist living and working in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Born in 1987 in Wildwood, New Jersey Kirsten has been involved in the local arts community in Colorado Springs since 1997 after relocating to Colorado with her family in the early 1990s. Kirsten studied nursing and graphic design in addition to receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Kirsten’s work focuses primarily on the chaos and trauma of the domestic experience. She focuses on the domestic experience from the perspective of a mother figure. Kirsten conveys the harsh reality of what becoming a mother can be and the sacrificial aspect of being slammed into that experience. Kirsten explores these concepts through abstractions across a wide variety of media, but the use of domestic skills and textiles are frequently seen in her work. Kirsten has previously presented her solo exhibition Allungare at the Heller Center for Fine Arts, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and was part of the group exhibition Awakening at the Galleries of Contemporary Art in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Kirsten is currently a youth art instructor at the Pikes Peak Artist Collective in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Jacqueline Viola Moulton

A Service For Your Sorrows

Description: Music, poetry, liturgy, call and response – designed to be an open space where we come together to tend and mend the soul, paying kind and respectful homage to all the traditions of belief that ask us to come together and to witness both our griefs and our gratitudes, and above all to do this together.
Bio: Jacqueline Viola Moulton (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, and scholar — a Ph.D. Candidate studying philosophy and aesthetics. Moulton’s work revolves around public, performative, and participatory poetry practices.

Tiffany Ogburn

Withered Root

Description: I am a person of color. I don’t know if I feel entirely ‘woman.’ I have always been a dancer but what else am I actually? All of these sentences have never been articulated in my body and mind until only this past year. This piece serves as a moving self-portrait, a collage of all the parts of me that illustrate the ‘both, and.’
Bio: Tiffany Ogburn grew up in Gig Harbor, Washington and received her BFA in Dance from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. She has danced for Andrea Miller’s Gallim Dance, Susan Marshall & Co., Stephen Petronio Company, and was a performer in Punchdrunk NYC’s immersive show Sleep No More. She loves sitting under trees, cuddling her French Bulldog, and creating her own work alongside the many interesting humans she encounters.

Holly Seidcheck


Description: An exploration of leveling; with one another, with ourselves, and with our environment. As the auditory waves wash over us, we are leveled. Nature equalizes, it always will. Sound waves accentuate the unseen fabric connecting us all to one another. AWASH uses sound as a tangible manifestation of these connections. Listeners are encouraged to move around the space and realize changes in the experience. Let the sound travel through you, and let the movers move you. Invite in a natural reaction to how the piece makes you feel.
Bio: Holly Seidcheck [Director] was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI where she trained as a competitive dancer and choreographer. Seidcheck then graduated from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs [UCCS] with a B.A. in Theatre and the title of Outstanding Undergraduate Performing Arts Student. Her adoration and dedication to somatics and their use in theatrical spaces has taken her to incredible places. Training in Italy under George Staib of Staib Dance Company, Gavriel Spitzer of Batsheva Dance Company among others, Seidcheck employs her training in the creation of work that stuns and connects. She has directed original dance works including, EARTHWORK, Geneses, Macbeth, Lysistrata, and Craig Colorusso’s Sunboxes. After graduating from UCCS, she relocated to Los Angeles, where she is now moving her expertise into the film industry, movement directing music videos and acting in film and television. Soon after moving to L.A., Holly was commissioned by artist Craig Colorusso to create this piece, AWASH.


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