Peaks and Pasties Burlesque

Halloween Zombikaze

In celebration of Arts Month 2021, the Champagne Cabaret with Peaks and Pasties presents: Zombikaze Burlesque! Peaks and Pasties is known as Colorado’s Burlesque Super Troupe, and is currently the largest burlesque troupe in the country with over 100 active members. They have been performing the art of burlesque for over 14 years and consistently win the Gold Award for the Independent’s Best of the Springs in the category of Best Dance Company. This October 29 and 30, they will be putting on a unique dance style show at the Champagne Cabaret located in The Gold Room in downtown Colorado Springs.

This show will feature Kamikaze style burlesque where the performer isn’t privy to what music they will perform to until 30 seconds before they perform. They will have no preset choreography and must put on a traditional burlesque performance regardless of the type of music being played. This show is Halloween themed and all guests are encouraged to attend in costume. You must be 21+ to attend.

Show Details: Zombikaze Burlesque – Starring Riff Bender and Hosted by Romeo Uncaged & Foxie Dreame – featuring 16 performances with a dance party after. Doors open at 7PM, and the show starts at 8PM (will end around midnight). There will be a full menu for food as well as a full bar for libations. For questions, email

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