Terror and Tease Burlesque

A Theatrical Cabaret Fusion

In celebration of Arts Month 2022, the Champagne Cabaret and La Burla Bee will present Terror and Tease! A perfect blend of burlesque and theatre, Terror and Tease will be performed two weekends only. The narrators will take the audience on a creative retelling of classic scary stories as they are treated to adult themed interpretations of classic characters. Burlesque performers bring a sexy twist to the Headless Horseman, Pennywise and other terrifying creatures. You must be 21+ to attend. For more information, please email champagnecabaretcos@gmail.com.

Lulu's Downstairs:

Friday & Saturday, October 21 and 22 at Lulu’s Downstairs, home of the Champagne Cabaret. Doors open at 7PM, show starts at 8PM.

La Burla Bee:

Friday & Saturday, October 28 and 29 at La Burla Bee, Colorado Springs only full time cabaret. Doors open at 7PM, show starts at 8PM.


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