The Not-So-Late Show

Awaken Creative Institute

In celebration of Arts Month 2021, Awaken Creative is excited to present the next installment of “Coffee Shop Pop-Ups” on Thursday, October 21 from 7-9PM at Third Space Coffee. This will be our 3rd episode at Third Space Coffee, and even if you haven’t seen the previous two, we’ll catch you up on what you missed!

If you’ve been wondering what you can do to make a difference these days, this is a great place to start. Our Coffee Shop Pop-Ups are designed to bring the community together for fun & meaningful shared experiences, presented by our very own GhostLight Ensemble, a group of highly creative young adults who are passionate and concerned about our world today.

From July through November, we are presenting four Coffee Shop Pop-Ups, each with new material, filled with comedy, stories, music, friendly competition, poetry, and more. We explore our themes in a different way, with the goal of easing our community towards a commitment to making change through original pieces, including “The Last ShowStopper”, a live sitcom that takes place in—you guessed it—a nostalgic video rental store, as well as “Micro—>Macro”, our original live game show (with prizes from local businesses)! Also, sprinkled throughout each Pop-Up will be more stories, creative explorations, and audience discussions surrounding our theme: “barriers and gateways to unity and reconciliation.” 

TICKET PRICES: We want everyone to be able to attend so we’ve chosen to let you decide your own ticket price. $15 is the price of our Standard Ticket. But, if you can’t pay that, no worries, pay less (You Choose! Ticket)! And, if you can pay more, then WOOHOO! Happy Dance! Supporting Tickets (over $15) will help us keep this incredibly hopeful ticket structure going for the benefit of future audiences!

KIDS? While there will be nothing “inappropriate” for kiddos at our Pop-Ups, these events are created primarily for adults and teens in our community to help tackle tough issues in a lighthearted and meaningful way. For questions, email Lesa Brown at

GhostLight Ensemble cast 2021
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