Dragon Theatre Film Screening

Community-Inclusive Theatre

Dragon Theatre Productions will celebrate 13 years presenting community-inclusive community theatre with our first film, ‘Dragon Theatre: In Outer Space!’ All of our short films had the theme of Outer Space through a very special collaboration with The Space Foundation, and we are excited to share with you our performances!

We will do a live screening on Saturday, October 9 from 3-4:30PM at the East Library Community Room, and a virtual screening live through our Facebook page. You can also learn more about Dragon Theater from this video on our YouTube page.

Our shows this year are:

  • ‘Anderous Cluster’ by Phillip Kirks
  • ‘First Contact’ by RP Bowman
  • ‘Why Today’ by Weston Krueger
  • ‘Space Mission: Recover the Cosmo Crystal’ by Angie Gerholdt, Featuring Garfield Gerholdt, Matt Hall, Jane Hall, Stephanie Sly, Scott Sly, and Beth Wood

Dragon Theatre Productions is a community-inclusive theatre program of Imagination Celebration that welcomes anyone who can make the performance commitment.

Dragon Theatre has first and foremost been about creating community – making a space for people to feel welcome, supported, from all walks of life, to create nonjudgmental art together. We worked hard to find ways that we can safely come together again in a way that makes sense across our very diverse team. Last year, we did this through a zoom performance, and this year with small original scenes custom tailored for each actor’s needs and give some more in person options this year, in ways that are safe and make sense for that team.

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