Making the Film Rook.

No Country for Cold Men:
A Local Colorado Film Success Story

Join local Colorado Springs filmmakers on Monday, October 12th from 7:00-8:00PM to discuss the process of making Rook., a low budget film with a big budget look and feel.

With the help of the community, many challenges were overcome on this production, from shooting in the snow during the winter at 10,000 feet in the Teller County communities of Cripple Creek and Victor, to budget and time constraints, to landing distribution. Learn how this film is paving the way for bigger and better locally-produced projects.

Amy Long of the Colorado Springs Film Commission will moderate the session, which will feature a conversation with Stephen Morgan, Steve Kitzman, Bobby Lee Black, and Omid Harrison–all of whom participated in the making of this film. The session, which will be presented live on Zoom, is free and open to the entire community–however, advance
registration is requested below.


Amy Long

Chief Innovation Officer, Visit COS
& head of the Colorado Springs Film Commission

Amy Long has been with VCOS since June of 2006. She oversees advertising, publications, website, communications, partnership and events. She has a BS in Commerce from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the University of North Carolina. 



Stephen Morgan

Film Director, President of Studiotown

Stephen is the Co-Writer, Producer, and Director of the feature film, Rook.. His production company, Studiotown, is based in Colorado Springs where he lives happily married to his high school sweetheart, Bee, and their two children, Avenue and Gibson. Stephen has a passion for great storytelling with an eye for detail. He is excited to help grow the film community here in Colorado Springs and throughout the state.

Steve Kitzman

Producer, Studiotown

Steve is a film producer and award winning marketing professional residing in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He has produced many projects for quite a diverse number of clients and has picked up an amazing amount of useless information along the way. He tends to use that information where he can to enhance projects, win trivia games and get stuff done. Steve has been married to his wife, Wendi for 30 years and they have 5 kids.

Bobby Lee Black

Local Actor

Bobby got his start in the entertainment industry as a radio DJ in Hawaii. While working as a DJ he met pro wrestler Brian Adams who convinced him to start wrestling. Bobby became a pro wrestler for three years which led into his first national TV commercial for a then new show called Trading Spaces. He now does mostly TV and film appearances with the occasional stage musical thrown in. He is almost exclusively cast as a ‘bad guy’ due to his size and appearance.

Omid Harrison

Local Actor

Omid Dastán Harrison is a Colorado-based actor of stage and screen who lives in Colorado Springs. You may have seen him play at the Fine Arts Center or at Theatreworks, or in recent feature films such as Costigan Bloch (2018) and Monster Force Zero (2020). Upcoming films include Medulla (2021) and Babylon (2021). He hopes you enjoy what Rook. (2020) has to offer!


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