My Black Colorado Youth Art Gallery

Celebrate Young Black Artists

In celebration of Arts Month 2021, My Black Colorado and Pens & Needles will present the Youth Art Gallery at The Gallery Below in downtown Colorado Springs. The opening reception will be held on Friday, October 1 from 5-8PM. Doors open and refreshments at 5PM, Visual Art Presentations at 6PM, networking & DJ at 7PM. Event ends at 8PM. Please join us to celebrate talented young black artists from across the Front Range of Colorado. The event is free and open to the community. The exhibit will remain on display throughout the month of October. For questions, email

Featured Artists:

Janeine Scandrett: I’m 19 years old. Technically I’m half black and half Korean, a blasian, I like to say. I enjoy painting canvases, shoes, water bottles, etc. I have lived in Colorado my whole life; the majority of it has been spent creating. By that, I mean iconic characters on a new medium, a fresh playlist, or a trick line on my skateboard.
Jasmyne Jones: I’m a 19 year old Portrait/Abstract artist. I am an artist with many interest. I have tried just about every form of art, but my favorites portraits with abstract art occasionally. My biggest inspiration are cartoons that have a diverse cast of characters.
Malachi Clark: Hello everyone! I am 17 years old. I have a disability and I am a recent Widefield high school graduate! I love to express myself through the art of poetry!
Marqel Wilson: I am a 19 year old artist born and raised in Colorado. The type of art I do is categorized as hyperrealism art. I fell in love with art the moment I saw my mom’s pictures she did as a kid. I was astonished by how real it looked and just the amount of detail she displayed. It blew my mind that you could use a pencil to make something look so life-like, and ever since that moment I’ve fallen in love with hyperrealism art.
Kendrick Trujillo: When individuals see my work, I want people to see the beauty in humanity. As a species, we are far from perfection, but when I take photos I want to express what makes us great. I personally believe that I was put on earth to be an artist. I’m proud black artist from Denver which is such a privilege. Being a creative is in my blood.
The Gallery Below
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